Grilling sausages to perfection is an art that combines the right heat, timing, and technique. Whether you're firing up your BBQ for a family gathering or a casual weekend dinner, knowing how to cook different types of sausages can make all the difference. Here's your guide to getting those sausages just right, every time.

Choosing Your Sausages

Firstly, the type of sausage you choose will influence how you grill them. Here are a few popular options:

  • Beef Sausages: Known for their rich flavor, they are best grilled over medium heat.
  • Pork Sausages: A favorite in many households, these require medium to high heat to cook thoroughly.
  • Chicken Sausages: Leaner than pork or beef, these should be cooked on medium heat to avoid drying out.
  • Vegetarian Sausages: Made from ingredients like tofu or seitan, these sausages cook quickly on medium heat and need careful handling to prevent sticking.

Prepping Your Grill

Preparation is key for perfect grilling:

  • Preheat the Grill: Whether using a charcoal, gas, or electric grill, preheating is essential. Aim for a steady medium heat, which allows sausages to cook through without burning on the outside.
  • Clean the Grate: A clean grate prevents sausages from sticking and helps ensure they cook evenly. Brush the grates clean before you start and lightly oil them if necessary.

Grilling Techniques

Different sausages require slightly different techniques, but here are general tips to get you started:

  • Avoid High Heat: Searing sausages on high heat might be tempting, but it often leads to split casings and uneven cooking. Medium heat allows the sausages to cook evenly inside and out.
  • Turn Regularly: To get a uniform cook and color all around, turn your sausages regularly. This helps prevent any one side from burning.
  • Use Tongs, Not Forks: When turning sausages, use tongs instead of forks. Piercing sausages can cause them to lose their juices, drying them out.

Cooking Times

Cooking times vary depending on the size and type of sausage:

  • Standard Sausages: Typically, these take about 10-15 minutes to cook through.
  • Thicker Sausages: These might need 15-20 minutes.
  • Smaller or Thinner Sausages: These often cook in about 8-10 minutes.

Always ensure sausages are cooked through before serving. The internal temperature should reach 160°F (71°C) for pork and beef sausages, and 165°F (74°C) for chicken sausages.

Serving Suggestions

Serve your perfectly grilled sausages with a variety of sides and condiments. Traditional mustards, freshly baked rolls, and a side of coleslaw or potato salad can complement the rich flavors of the meat. For a healthier twist, pair them with grilled vegetables and a light vinaigrette.


Mastering the art of grilling sausages involves managing the heat, handling the sausages gently, and cooking them to safe temperatures. With these tips, you're now ready to grill sausages like a pro and enjoy them with your favourite sides for a delightful meal any day of the week.