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Smoking Wood Chunks

Smoking Wood Chunks

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Smoking wood chunks are used to add flavor to food when smoking meat or other foods. Here are the steps to using smoking wood chunks:


  1. Prepare the smoker: If you're using a smoker, make sure it's set up and ready to go. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to get it started and bring it up to temperature.
  2. Add the wood chunks: Once the smoker is up to temperature, it's time to add the wood chunks. Place them directly on the charcoal if you're using a charcoal smoker or charcoal grill. If smoking indirect using a Kettle BBQ (Weber BBQ) you can place the wood chunk on the cooking grill directly over the lit charcoal
  3. Monitor the smoke: Keep an eye on the smoke coming out of the smoker. You want to see thin blue smoke, which means the wood chunks are burning slowly and producing just the right amount of smoke. If the smoke is thick and white, it's burning too fast and can give your food a bitter taste.
  4. Add more wood chunks: Depending on how long you're smoking your food, you may need to add more wood chunks. Keep an eye on the smoker and add more wood chunks as needed.


Enjoy your smoked food: Once your food is fully smoked, remove it from the smoker and enjoy the delicious flavour that the smoking wood chunks have added.

Remember, different types of wood will produce different flavours, so experiment with different types of wood to find your favourite flavours. Some popular choices include Iron Bark Apple, Cherry, Pecan, and oak.

Apple Wood Chunks have a light, fruity, slightly sweet flavour (mixes well with oak and cherry) and pairs well with beef, poultry, game birds, pork and ham.

Cherry Wood Chunks have a subtle fruity flavour (mixes well with oak and apple) and pairs well with beef, chicken, turkey, game birds, pork, ham and vegetables.

Macadamia Wood Chunks have a very subtle nutty and sweet smoke that’s full of flavour and pairs well with beef, pork, fish and cheese.

Pecan Wood Chunks are similar to hickory but milder with a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. It is ideally suited for low and slow BBQing and pairs well with beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish and cheese.

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Can’t get enough!

I now use these chunks exclusively after one use! Perfect size, range of flavours and delivered then with short notice before my cook up!! Awesome service and quality! You cannot go wrong 🔥