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Smokey Joes

Outback Rub | Smokey Joes

Outback Rub | Smokey Joes

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This bush blend of mountain pepper and lemon myrtle plus a few other key ingredients with a hint of smoke is a flavour sensation that is the perfect accompaniment to most savoury dishes. The bush foods in this blend have been used by outIndigenous Australians for thousands of years, This Australian inspired bush rub mix creates a smokey peppery with  a slightly lemon taste, free of artificial additives, fillers and no MSG perfect on any meat either barbecued or low and slow perfect on chicken, beef or lamb 
  • size

    250ml Shaker - 160g

  • all natural

    Smokey Joes rubs are all 100% natural, gluten and MSG free, with no fillers, preservatives, additives, or anti-caking agents.

    They may firm up in the pack and just require loosening or a good shake if this occurs 

    Food should be just that.... all natural and naturally good 

  • Ingredients

    Smoked Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Lake Deborah Salt, Red Pepper Flakes, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Aspen, Cayenne Pepper, Coriander, Celery Seeds, Lemon Zest


    Checkout The Recipe by Smokey Joes below!


    Outback Lamb Shanks

    Is there anything better than a almost falling off the bone lamb shank that has been slowly braised for hours in a deliciously rich dark ale, with the added flavour of smoke..

    The use Smokey Joe's Outback rub with its blend of Australian bush spices, really takes this dish to another level

    What you need

    4 whole lamb shanks

    Smokey Joe's Aussie outback Rub

    1 carrot diced

    1 large onion diced

    2 sticks celery diced

    1 cup beef stock

    1 cup dark ale

    2 bay leaves

    4 sprigs fresh rosemary and thyme

    what to do Season the lamb shanks liberally with Smokey Joe’s Outback Rub. When ready to cook, set smoker temperature to approx. 500℉ and preheat, lid closed for

    15 minutes. Place the shanks directly on the grill grate and cook for 20 minutes or until the exterior has browned and they have taken on some smoke. set aside Transfer the shanks to a Dutch oven or tray and add onion, celery and carrots, pour in beef stock, ale, and add the herbs. Cover with a tight-fitting lid or foil and place back on the grill grate, reducing the temperature to 325℉. Braise the shanks for 3 to 4 hours until the internal temperature reaches 180℉.

    Take care not to touch bone with the tip of the temperature probe or you will get a false reading.

    Carefully lift the lid and transfer the lamb to a warm dish and cover, and reduce any juices down to a nice thick sauce. Enjoy



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