Make the ultimate, juicy, restaurant style burger grilled in your own back yard 

After learning how easy it is to make your own burger patties, you’ll never buy them from the shops again. The best part is you honestly only need quality beef, salt and pepper. Have I got your attention yet?  

My meat choice for burgers is a mixture of brisket and chuck. Both cuts are nice and fatty and have amazing flavour. Alternatively you can use Brisket only or ANY cut you prefer, buy why pay for expensive cuts when truth is, it’s all about the meat to fat ratio. Aim for a 70% meat to 30% fat ratio. 

Now let’s talk about mincing beef. Don't let that scare you away. Let me just stress how gratifying mincing your own meat is. Once you taste the difference between your own home minced mince, and the supermarket stuff…you seriously won’t go back. Invest in a mincer! I use a $60 Kogan special and use the coarsest setting. If mincing your own meat really doesn’t appeal to you, ask your local butcher to do it for you. They’ll be more than happy to!

Once ground, mix the mince with your hands as minimal as possible to make sure the mixture is well dispersed. Don’t overwork the meat as the more you work the meat the more it will bind together. Use about 220g of mince per patty. Make your patties by rolling 220g of mince into balls. This will make nice thick juicy patties. Using the palm of your hand, press each ball down to form the patties (I promise we are still talking about burgers lol). Once all patties are formed (and don’t worry, they don’t need to be perfect circles), fridge them for about an hour. This will help them hold shape when cooking.  

Now time to cook (that’s right, no seasoning yet! Salting to early can equal a dense burger). Cooking over charcoal is the ultimate way. Let’s be honest, that charcoal flavour is second to none. When the coals are hot, get the patties out of the fridge and generously season with salt and pepper as this will help create a beautiful crust. Be sure to have a good spatula for flipping! Once a nice crust has formed, flip once and cook through as much as you like (I like medium for burgers). Add a slice of cheese just before taking the patties off the barbeque, and as soon as they’re melted take your patties off the heat.  

Now it’s time to build your burger. This is all about what you like on your burger. Try to keep it simple though, to really enjoy the flavour of the patty. Onion, tomato sauce, a bit of lettuce and a slice of tomato on a brioche or milk bun is my go to.  

Give it a go and enjoy! 

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